Increasing Your Trade Show Return On Investment (TS-ROI) - Part 3

  • Jun 27, 2017

Part 3

In the previous 2 section of this article we reviewed pre-show planning, logistics and execution of the plan at the show.  In this final section we will discuss the importance of tracking the information gathered at the show and the post-show work needed to be done to insure the TS-ROI meets or exceeds expectations. 

STAGE 3 – Post-Show:

Now that the show has ended, celebrate with the team, and make sure you acknowledge the time and effort that each of the staff has had to the overall success of the show.  Discuss what worked and what didn’t while it is still fresh in their minds as part of your post-show analysis.  The trade show industry suggests in “Analyze This” that as you put together an executive summary, this valuable information and post-show analysis should be shared with key people in your organization as well as added to your 3 ring binder for the show.  It can then be used along with the TS-ROI at budget and planning time when the company determines which shows to add to the budget for next year, and how much to budget for the show. 

If the pre-show planning was well thought out, the post-show implementation of the final stage of the plan should execute efficiently.  Based on the objective for the show, the analysis and distribution process needs to be started and completed quickly so the post-show follow-up can begin. 

Take all those forms completed at the show (unless you used a digital survey system mentioned previously) and begin to transfer that data into your own system or into a spreadsheet or other database that will allow you to compile the data into segments shared with those internal stakeholders responsible for post-show follow-up.  Meet with the key people you met with pre-show to share the information gathered at the show and to provide them with the post-show materials that need follow up.  This process was spelled out in the pre-show meeting so those individuals know what the expectations are for themselves and their teams for the post-show work and deliverables. 

Track the results of the show and share this information with your entire organization, such as the total number of attendees, how many of your current customers attended the show and how many of those visited your booth.  How that number compares to past shows.  How many prospects visited the booth and how many have been contacted post show.  What your conversation rate for those prospects have been 30, 60, and 90 days post show.  Let them know how profitable the show was and what the big “wins” at the show were. 

Now, if the results have been positive, share it with the world.  Post an article on your website, blog, social media and send a press release to your industry’s trade magazines and the show organizer.  If you took pictures at the show make sure to include those. 



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