Scott Schmidt, Co-founder, Promotional Brewmaster @ Promote The Brew

Steve Schmidt, Co-founder, Marketing Brewmaster @ Market The Brew

My brother Steve and I grew up in a very German household! Our father took an old refrigerator, sunk a tap into the side, and always had a quarter barrel of cold beer on tap. This rig was in the basement and several times a night both my dad and mom would ask one of us kids for a refill. We were weaned on PBR. We'd fill their mug and get to enjoy the foam off the top.

Growing up in Milwaukee, we fondly remember when it was the Beer Capital of the World. At one point we were the home to Miller, Pabst, Gettlemen, Blatz,Schlitz, Hamms (add in the rest of Wisconsin and you can include Ashland Brewing CompanyOld Style, Joseph Huber, Gambrinus Brewing Co., Leinenkugels, and Point. Out of the 11 oldest breweries in the US 6 of them called Wisconsin home).  It was a source of pride for a city that didn't seem to have a lot going for it in the 70's and 80's.

Of these Milwaukee breweries only Miller Brewing Co. survived and became one of the two beer super powers in the US. Because there was not much of a selection of, or differentiation in product, Miller and Anheuser-Busch's main battle ground was advertising and promotion. During this time, our family's promotional marketing company did a lot of work with Miller including their annual Distributor Promotional Catalog, Spring Break and New Orleans Jazz Festival promotions.

Over the years my brother and I have done extensive promotional work for Miller and several other breweries.

We understand how beer brands go to market and want to use that experience to help you!