Promote The Brew was created for people with a passion for brewing great beer but who need help with ideas, inspiration, design and promotional resources to effectively take your brand to market.  It's all about getting your brand noticed and people buying your beer!!

We work with brewery owners and their marketing staff, their suppliers, attend industry events, visit breweries, talk with your customers and closely follow industry trends.  Digging into how you want to be perceived in the market and then developing unique, exciting graphics and designs as part of an overall strategy of campaigns, and promotions helps you get more return on your marketing investment! 

You can buy swag all day on the internet or from a local company, but it does you no good if it just sits there!  Don't waste your money, invest it back into your business with a solid promotional marketing strategy!

The Promote The Brew team brings knowledge gained from years of experience in promotional marketing, design, premium and print, along with the successes of your industry peers to build strategic programs and promotions supported with great designs to increase brand awareness, build goodwill and foot traffic through turnkey solution with a positive return on investment.   

A promotion that produces phenomenal results in a Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine Brewery, with a few tweaks, can be executed in your Brewery with similar success.

At Promote The Brew our goal is to become your trusted sources of ideas, inspiration, design, marketing and promotional resources to help you sell more beer!

What Our Customers Are Saying

It has been a pleasure working with Scott at Promote the Brew. He works hard to find us products that are unique and advantageous to our business. We love the quality and pricing Promote the Brew offe...

  • Kayla
  • MobCraft Beer
  • Mar 29, 2018


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